Can girls join scouts? Yes, scouts is open to boys and girls.

Are the age limits strict, what happens if I join later? The age limits are in place to make sure the group is all at a similar development and confidence level. Cubs move up to scouts between age 10.5 and 11 while scouts move up to venturers between 14.5 and 15. The only very strict age limit is between venturers and rovers – at age 18 – as at this point they become adults. If you join late there are accelerated badge programs – you wont get left behind.

Do I need any skills to join? No, you’ll learn as you go.

Does it cost to be a scout? Yes it does, there is an annual cost is to cover insurance which is handled by Scouts NSW and equipment maintenance/renewal. Different activities may have a small cost – generally to cover the cost of food.

Can I help out to make sure my child is ok? Absolutely! We’re always welcoming of parent helpers, and our leaders are parents too. Come on down and help out.

Do I have to come to every night? No, but we love having a big pack/troop as the games and activities are more fun that way.