Fertiliser Drive

Update: Thanks to everyone for their support. The fertiliser drive has now stopped taking orders for 2017. Delivery will be on 2 Sep 17.


On this page you can order fertiliser and then make payments via credit card or PayPal. Clicking a link will take you to a PayPal shopping cart with that item added, to add more items to your cart click the “continue shopping” link at the top right of the PayPal page and be returned back here, click a new item and you will return to the cart with that item added. You can change quantities in the shopping cart and when you are ready please click the “check out” link. This will take you to a page to enter credit card and delivery address details (very important!).

IMPORTANT – if you live outside our “area” then generally you should be supporting your local scout group most of whom run their own fertiliser drives. You will need to specify a shipping address with a postcode of 2073, 2074, 2075 or 2076. If you are not in this postcode then please email fundraising@1stpymblescouts.org.au and Emma will be able to help you.

Delivery day will be 2 Sept 2017.

  • Cow Manure – 25ltr, $12
  • Agri-Boost (Poultry) Pelleted Manure – 25kg, $32
  • Agriboost Longlife Pellets (Supergrowth) 25kg, $38
  • Banana Special – 20kg, $49
  • Blood and Bone – 20kg, $47
  • Sulphate of Ammonia – 25kg, $39
  • YaraMila Complex – 25kg, $52
  • No. 17 Lawn Food – 20kg, $49
  • Active 8 – 50L (ideal for vegetable gardens), $26
  • Azalea and Camellia Food – 20kg, $49
  • Native Plant Food – 20kg, $49
  • Fruit and Flowering Food – 20kg, $49
  • Home Gardeners Potting Mix – 25ltr, $18
  • Mushroom Compost – 25ltr, $18
  • Tea Tree Mulch – 60ltr, $26
  • Sugar Cane Mulch – bale, $32
  • Lucerne Mulch – bale, $36