Join/Renew Membership

New Scouts or Cubs

The first step is to either visit the hall on one of the cub or scout nights and talk to a leader or email one of the leaders to let us know that you’re interested. Sometimes there is a waiting list to join.

There is an online application form for Scouts Australia so that they can provide you with a Scouting Number and they also look after the various insurances.

All Youth Members must have a completed Youth Application form and the relevant links (Cubs or Scouts) are given below. If you have not yet contacted the Group Leader the online form allows for that to be organised. Contact with the Scout or Cub Leaders is advised before undertaking a trial night.

Cub Membership form (8-11 yrs old):

Information-for-Carers-Jul-17 1st Pymble Cubs

Scout Membership Form (11-15 years old):

Y1-Information-for-Carers-Jul-17 1st Pymble Scouts

After your child has had  a chance to see what its all about and decided he/she wishes to  be invested as a Cub or Scout, we’ll ask you to pay your annual membership (this covers the levy we pass on to Scouts Australia for insurance, and the fee used by 1st Pymble to maintain the equipment, hall, etc).  If you are joining after 30 June then the fee is reduced.

An invoice for the fees is sent out in the first quarter of the year and covers the whole calendar year, if you are joining later in the year then the fees are pro-rata. Please contact the for information/invoice.

Fee rates for full year 2020

Cubs and Scouts (junior members)

  • There is a once off $40 association joining fee payable on joining the Scouting Movement.
  • The 1st Pymble Group fee totals $430 for the first cub/scout, $320 for the second junior member in the family, $240 for the third junior member in the family and $160 for the forth or subsequent junior member in the family. This includes a scout association levy of $40 per quarter ($160 per year) which covers insurances and administration costs. The balance is used by 1st Pymble for hall and equipment maintenance.


  • Active leaders have their contribution to Scouts Australia met by the group and receive a discount for junior members in their family. If they are fully qualified their first child is charged as the 3rd junior member (ie $240); and if yet to fully qualify their first child is charged as the 2nd junior membership (ie $320). Subsequent children progress further eg 2nd child of active qualified leader is charged as the 4th member.
  • Inactive leaders who remain ‘on the books’ pay only the Scouts Australia component.
  • Parent helpers are not charged by Scouts Australia or the group.

For any clarification please contact

Making Payment

Payments can be made by direct deposit (BSB 032-186, Account 180252) or cheque to “1st Pymble Scout Group”  mailed to PO Box 600, Turramurra NSW 2074; or online via credit card or PayPal.

To pay online click the appropriate link below and be taken to a PayPal site to handle the payments. Please note that paying via credit card/PayPal incurs a charge of 2.6% to cover merchant fees.

  • Joining Fee, $41.04 for Scouts Australia (includes merchant fee of $1.04).
  • 1st Junior Membership, $440.40: $160 for Scouts Australia and $270 for 1st Pymble (includes merchant fee of $10.40).
  • 2nd Junior Membership, $328.32: $160 for Scouts Australia and $160 for 1st Pymble (includes merchant fee of $8.32).
  • 3rd Junior Membership, $246.24: $160 for Scouts Australia and $80 for 1st Pymble (includes merchant fee of $6.24).
  • 4th Junior Membership, $164.16: $160 for Scouts Australia (includes merchant fee of $4.16).
  • Inactive Leader Membership, $164.16: $160 for Scouts Australia (includes merchant fee of $4.16).